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Preparing for Rain on Your Wedding Day!

Bride and groom kissing in the rain with bridal party

Picture this: You've spent months meticulously planning every detail of your dream wedding. The venue is booked, the flowers are arranged, and your excitement is overwhelming as you envision your special day. But there's one lingering worry nagging at the back of your mind – what if it rains?

For couples planning spring weddings in Michigan, the unpredictable nature of the weather adds an extra layer of uncertainty. Michigan's May weddings, in particular, teeter on the brink of sunny skies and sudden downpours. As the saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers," but what about May showers on your wedding day?

The allure of a Michigan spring wedding lies in its temperate climate – not too hot, not too cold – perfect for outdoor celebrations. However, the looming possibility of rain can cast a shadow of doubt over even the most meticulously planned event.

But fear not, my sweet friend, for I'm here to ease your worries and help you prepare for rain on your wedding day. While we can't control the weather, we can certainly control how we approach it. So, as we embark on this journey together, let's embrace the possibility of rain and discover how to turn it into a beautiful and memorable part of your love story.

Embracing Rain on Your Wedding Day: A Positive Mindset

Weather in Michigan, as we all know, can be incredibly unpredictable. Whether you're planning a spring, summer, fall, or winter wedding, there's always a chance of rain. But rather than letting the fear of rain dampen your spirits, why not embrace the possibility and turn it into a positive?

You've found the perfect venue with a picturesque outdoor setting for your ceremony. The lush greenery, the start of blooming flowers, and the romantic ambiance are exactly what you've always dreamed of. But as you're planning, a nagging voice in the back of your mind whispers, "What if it rains?"

Here's the thing – we can't control the weather, especially not 12 months out when you're booking your venue. So my advice? Go ahead and book that dream venue, outdoor pathway and all. Think positive thoughts and visualize a beautiful, sunny day for your wedding. Trust that everything will turn out just the way you've imagined.

But if the weather forecast predicts rain, don't panic. Remember, rain on your wedding day is considered good luck in many cultures. According to Hindu traditions, rain symbolizes a strong and enduring marriage. After all, when a knot gets wet, it becomes nearly impossible to untie – just like the bond you're forming with your partner on your wedding day.

So take a deep breath, embrace the idea of rain, and tell yourself that no matter what the weather brings, your wedding day will be filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

Now, let's dive into some practical tips for preparing for rain on your wedding day.

Practical Tips for Preparing for Rain

Tip #1: Have a Backup Plan

When it comes to planning an outdoor wedding, having a backup plan in case of rain is essential. If you're worried about rain putting a damper on your outdoor ceremony, consider booking a tent as a backup option. While it may alter the aesthetic you initially envisioned, it ensures you and your guests stay dry and comfortable. Alternatively, you can utilize your reception space for the ceremony. As a coordinator, I've been in situations where we had to quickly transform a reception area into a ceremony space in just 15 minutes. While not ideal, it keeps everyone dry and allows you to still have the ceremony of your dreams. When planning your floor plan with the venue, leave space between the tables to create an aisle and position your head table at the top of this aisle. Remove dishware and arrange chairs in front of the head table to create front-row seating for parents, with the head table acting as the altar.

Tip #2: Pack Waterproof Essentials

In your emergency kit, be sure to include waterproof essentials such as umbrellas, rain boots, and waterproof makeup. Opt for large golf umbrellas to accommodate multiple guests and clear ones for you and your bridal party. Imagine how adorable your photos will be with you rocking your favorite red rain boots!

Tip #3: Communication with Vendors

Open communication with vendors is crucial to ensure they're prepared for any weather-related changes. Your wedding coordinator will take the reins on this to reduce stress and execute your rain game plan seamlessly. They'll be on standby with umbrellas to ensure every hair stays in place, even if the sky decides to open up during your vows. Don't forget to keep your DJ informed as well – they may need to make accommodations, such as setting up on a paved surface with a pop-up tent to protect their equipment.

Capturing Stunning Photos in the Rain

Rain on your wedding day doesn't have to mean dull or dreary photos. In fact, rain can add a touch of romance and whimsy to your wedding album, creating truly unforgettable moments. Here are some tips for capturing stunning photos in the rain:

Utilize Reflections: One of the most enchanting aspects of rainy days is the opportunity to capture reflections. Look for puddles or other reflective surfaces to create beautiful mirror-like images. Reflective surfaces can enhance the depth and visual interest of your photos, adding an extra layer of magic to your wedding day memories.

Embrace Moody Lighting: Rainy weather often brings with it soft, diffused lighting that can create a moody and atmospheric feel in your photos. Embrace the dramatic lighting conditions by experimenting with shadows and highlights to add depth and dimension to your images. Moody lighting can evoke a sense of intimacy and romance, making for truly captivating photographs.

Groomsmen posing in the rain

Incorporate Umbrellas as Props: Don't shy away from incorporating umbrellas into your wedding photos – they can add a whimsical and playful element to your images. Opt for colorful or transparent umbrellas to make a statement, or choose classic white or black umbrellas for a time

Bridesmaids laughing in the rain with umbrellas

less look. Use umbrellas as props to create dynamic compositions and frame your shots creatively.

Capture Raindrops: Raindrops can add an ethereal and poetic quality to your photos, creating a sense of movement and emotion. Experiment with capturing raindrops in motion or focus on the delicate patterns they create on surfaces. If the sun is out, keep an eye out for rainbows in the background – they can add a magical touch to your rainy day photos.

Remember, rain on your wedding day can lead to some of the most stunning and memorable photos. Embrace the weather and let your photographer work their magic to capture the beauty and romance of your special day, raindrops and all. My advice, Raelani Stockwell is an amazing photographer that knows how to capture the perfect photo in the rain, don’t believe me check out some of these rainy day wedding photos.

Bride and groom walking


Embracing Rain on Your Wedding Day: A Beautiful Blessing

As we've explored throughout this post, rain on your wedding day doesn't have to be a cause for concern – it can be an unexpected blessing in disguise. Despite the initial worries and uncertainties, rain has a way of adding a touch of romance, magic, and adventure to your love story.

From capturing stunning photos in the rain to embracing moody lighting and utilizing umbrellas as props, rainy weather can lead to some of the most unforgettable and enchanting moments of your wedding day. The soft pitter-patter of raindrops, the gentle reflection of light on wet surfaces, and the shimmering beauty of rainbows in the sky all contribute to a sense of wonder and joy.

So as you plan for your special day, remember to embrace the possibility of rain and trust that everything will unfold exactly as it's meant to. Rain on your wedding day is not just a weather forecast – it's an unexpected blessing that adds depth, character, and a sense of adventure to your love story.

As you exchange vows and embark on this journey together, may the rain serve as a symbol of the resilience, strength, and enduring love that will weather any storm life may bring. Embrace the rain, dance in its midst, and let it become a beautiful part of your wedding day memories.

After all, a little rain can't dampen the love and joy that surrounds you on this magical day.

The photography for this blog post were all taken by Raelani Stockwell Photography. Raelani & her husband Scott are my go to photographers if you are looking for that elegant moody vibe for your wedding photos. I know you can't predict the rain, but if they are your photography team, you know you will be in good hands regardless but if mother nature decides to have a tantrum on your special day, rest assured Rae and Scott have you covered..... literally!

Check out Raelani's website and be sure to follow myself and her on Instagram @hsrgraphics & @raelanistockwellphotog


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