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What is the average cost of Wedding Invitations?

How much is this invitation?

What is the average cost of wedding invitations?

I get asked these questions quite a bit and there really isn’t a straightforward answer. I know that it seems frustrating to see something you LOVE and not be able to know the cost right away. Trust me, I have been there!

The ANSWER. It depends!

Agh the daunting answer you were expecting but not the answer you wanted to hear. The best way I know how to describe this answer to you is every wedding is different, so every wedding invitation is going to be different.

There are several different stationers you can work with that will all have very different ranges of “custom” invitations. Some will include more things; some will have the bare minimum. You may get an itemized quote; you may get a lump-some amount. Depending on your area and the designers you choose to work with will determine the route you may decide to take.

As a stationer, it is my mission to create your dream invitations with little to no stress on your end and my pricing reflects that. I put 100% into each of my designs and whether it is a pre-set design in my semi-custom collection or a custom creation that is designed specially for you.

I have worked with several couples with budgets that are all over the map and as I try to be accommodating to everyone, sometimes it just doesn’t work out. On average, my couples spend anywhere from $800-1200 on their custom wedding invitations.

What is included in that $800-1200?

Well, that again will depend on the different elements and embellishments you choose. So, let’s look at an example. Everyone LOVES examples:

Average $1200 Custom Wedding Invitation order:

yellow and black pocket wedding invitation

100 Custom Wedding Invitations digitally printed, with a glitter backer and Pocket Enclosure

100 Response Cards and Colored Envelope

100 Details Card

100 Glitter Belly Band & Tag

Guest Addressing, Return Address Printing, Response Envelope Addressing

Full Assembly

Design Fee

You will read different blogs and they will all tell you that they have done studies and give you different figures, that may in fact be true, but when you really break it all down. It depends on YOU and what you are willing to spend on stationery.

QUESTION: What is the cheapest way to do wedding invitations?

What if I can't afford custom?

Most stationers offer a semi-custom collection that you can choose from and the pricing is much more straightforward, that is until you start adding a bunch of bells and whistles. By 2024, I will be officially launching a complete semi-custom collection where you will be able to choose a specific suite at a much more affordable price. Currently you can select my base collection which is a step above from what the Semi-Custom Collection will be, that's because I still design this to cater to your specific needs. This collections starts a little over $5 a suite and will include:

5x7 Semi-Custom designed wedding invitation digitally printed on 130# premium card stock

4.25 x 5x5 Semi-Custom designed response card digitally printed on 130# premium card stock

A7 Metallic mailing envelope

A2 White premium envelope

Guest Addressing, Return Address Printing, Response Envelope Addressing

QUESTION: What is a reasonable price for wedding invitations?

February Special - Semi Custom LOVE Collection

For the last couple of years, in the month of February, I am offer special pricing on 1 select Semi-Custom Design. That is the LOVE Collection. You can get the complete suite for $1000+tax for 100 Wedding Invitations.

So mark your calendars as this special goes live every February 1st and goes through Valentine's Day, February 14th

Don’t forget about wedding invitation postage!

Not everyone reminds you, that more often than not, you will need 2 separate stamps. One for your response card and one for the mailing envelope. Chances are your mailing envelope will be anywhere from $.084-$1.44+ AND the forever stamp on the response card per envelope. The more you add to your suite, the higher the postage. Don’t even get me started on hand cancelling. We will save that for another post!

Forever stamps for your RSVP card are up to $0.60 and the 2 oz stamp for your outer envelope is up to $0.84. So at minimum, your wedding invitation postage will cost you at least $1.44 EACH to mail.

xoxo, Heather


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