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Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Do you have a Day of Wedding Coordinator?

If you don't know what this is, you should really check it out! You spend months, even years planning the perfect day you want to be able to enjoy every minute of it right? Well that's where a Day of Coordinator comes in.

About 2 weeks before your wedding we sit down and go through your entire day from start to finish and everything in between. We create a timeline for you, develop a decor manifest and a vendor contact list. This way I am fully prepared for everything that is suppose to happen at your wedding. You Plan it, I Execute it! A Day of Coordinator takes the stress away from you and your family so you can just enjoy your big day. You can rest assure that your day will go off without a hitch*.


Not all weddings are perfect or go as planned but having a coordinator allows for immediate intervention and quick thinking adjustments so you don't have to be bothered or even notice the little things that are out of place. Aunt Sandy and Uncle Jon RSVPed NO but they showed up anyway, cousin Sally decided to bring her Boyfriend of the Week but didn't check +1 ...... what do you do?


As the coordinator, I work with the venue to add a chair here and there and make sure they get fed and guess what ...... YOU HAD NO IDEA!

*HSRGraphics is not responsible for outside vendors that are selected by the couple. We will do our best to coordinate with them and ensure they provide you with the services contracted but the ability to preform and provide you with outstanding service is sole responsibility of your selected vendor. 

Still not convinced? Check out what several couples have to say!

What's included?

SERVICES INCLUDE: (But are not limited to)

*attendance/Assistance at wedding rehearsal

*ceremony coordination & setup of personal items

intake meeting a month before the wedding
lead coordinator & vendor support
unlimited consultations(we meet when you need to)
vendor referrals
vendor coordination
develop itinerary & decor manifest
assistance with floor plan
vendor set up supervision
reception set up of personal items
centerpiece set up (limited)

reception entrance coordination
greet & assist guests | couple
assist with last minute details
distribute final payments/gratuity to vendors

wedding date emergency kit

welcome gift for the newlyweds

*Additional Fees may apply for Church Ceremony & Rehearsals

DOC Contact

Day of Wedding Coordinator Investment!

Can you really put a price on the feeling of complete peace of mind on your wedding day? As your coordinator I will do everything in my power and bag of tricks to run your wedding as smooth as possible! There are three levels of coordination you can choose from.


Rehearsal Coordination

Final Venue Meeting

Extended Time (stay until the end to help with clean up)

Additional Coordinator

RSVP Coordination



Décor Manifest

Set up of personal items for wedding reception

*Add on Services Available





Day of/Month of

 Wedding Management

 includes services listed above

*Add on Services Available





Services listed above

additional help for set up

rehearsal coordination

ceremony set up/teardown

*Add on Services Available



I honestly believe that every wedding needs a coordinator. Whether it’s a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator, I think this is a necessity just to keep you organized and sane on the day of your wedding. A coordinator will keep you on track along with all your vendors and allow you to do nothing but enjoy your big day. However, I do understand that it’s not always in everyone’s budget. 


So I am expanding my day of coordination services and lending out my knowledge as a wedding professional to help you as you prepare for your big day! This package is great if you do not live near or around Ann Arbor, Michigan as everything is done virtually.


This package will include ONE 90-minute intake call to break down every aspect of your wedding. This call will take place 1-2 months before your wedding. During this call, we will create and breakdown your day of timeline, review your vendor contact list and create a full décor manifest for your ceremony and reception. You will also receive ONE 30-minute call the week of your wedding to finalize your timeline, a checklist for the final touches, questions to ask all vendors, and an updated décor manifest. These are the EXACT same forms I use with my coordination clients to help prep for the day of. 


You will be able to use this 90 minute call to help with your timeline, vendor list and décor manifest. 

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