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What are the different Day of Stationery items I need?

What are Day of Stationeries and do you really need them?

seating chart

QUESTION: How do you make a seating chart for a wedding?

I absolutely LOVE creating Wedding Invitations, but Day of Stationeries are my BREAD AND BUTTER! Especially if I am already creating your Custom Wedding Invitations for you.

Day of Stationeries can range from ceremony programs and a seating chart to adding table numbers, a welcome sign and menu cards. I have said this once before and I will say it again…

EVERY WEDDING IS DIFFERENT, so the day of items will be different for each couple as well.

I get a lot of couples asking me what they need or if they even need day of items. The answer to that question is always YES! Even the simplest wedding needs day of stationeries. Depending on your wedding and your needs will determine what you specially need for your day of items.

Common Day of Stationeries for Weddings:

Seating Chart or Escort Cards

Welcome Sign

Ceremony Programs

Menu Cards

Table Cards

Table Numbers

Bar Signs & Signature Drink Sign

Reserved Signs

Tags and Labels for Guest Takeaways

In Memory Picture/Sign

Hashtag Sign

QUESTION: Is it necessary to have a wedding program? What is a ceremony program?

This list could seriously go on, but this gives you an idea on some of the most common day of items couples choose for their wedding. The best part about getting your day of stationeries from your custom wedding invitation designer is that ALL your pieces will match. You can coordinate with your designer to have your seating chart and welcome sign match the theme and design of your wedding invitations.

So, what is this going to cost me?

A lot of times when couples are determining their budget, they tend to leave out day of stationeries. It’s almost an afterthought! They may factor in ceremony programs and a seating chart but that is usually it. It isn’t until I show my Day Of list, couples realize they actually need some of these things.

Every designer will have their own custom price list for day of stationeries, but just like the cost of custom wedding invitations depending on your area and the designers you choose to work with will determine the overall cost.

On average my couples spend anywhere from $500-800 on day of stationeries. All day of items can be ordered a la carte, but I also offer package specials for those that are just looking for a few of the basics.

If you are interested in working with me on your day of stationeries, you can view my 2021 price list below. Looking for something custom, bring it on! I am happy to help you create the PERFECT design for your wedding.

xoxo, Heather

Day of Stationery Price List
Download PDF • 77KB

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