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I have been married for 5 years and my husband and I just welcomed our sweet little boy into this world over the summer. My goal is to be able to stay at home with Aiden and grow HSRGraphics. I look forward to the future and everything it has to offer.

I am a Designer at heart and in mind. I went to school to be an Engineer, but discovered that was not where my passion was. I knew I wanted to create, but I just didn't know what it was. I started taking design classes and discovered that not only did I really enjoy going to class but I was actually pretty good. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts - specializing in Graphic Design. After college, I struggled to find a job so I bartended to pay the bills. I had a few co-workers that wanted me to make baby shower invitations. A few invites here and there turned into Wedding Invitations and more people were asking me to design for them. Thats when I decided to start HSRGraphics. I came up with a name, created some business cards and booked a booth at local Bridal Show.


This is where I met an Event Planner that loved my work and wanted me to work exclusively with them and create all of their Wedding Invitations for their clients. Thus began my journey with Èlan Event Planning & Design. During my years with Èlan, I put HSRGraphics on hold because I didn't know the first thing about running a business and i just wanted to design and thats exactly what I got to do. The time came when it was time to get back to HSRGraphics and build my business. I took some classes, created a website and here we are today!




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